Oppose Trump’s Wall

Immigration is a national issue, but building a border wall is also a Texas issue. It is important that the Governor of Texas represents property owners along the Rio Grande when Trump threatens to violate their property rights and create an atmosphere of hostility with Mexico. I object to the ineffective and costly building of a wall across Texas. As Governor, I will use the powers of the office to represent the interests of Texas in dealing with federal impact on our state.

Liberate Marijuana

Locking up people for marijuana production, possession, and use has resulted in a diversion of law enforcement resources into victimless crimes and an exploding prison population.  We do not need federal intrusion from Washington to dictate how we govern Texas. As Governor I want law enforcement to be focused on crimes where people do harm to others. By allowing peaceful people to live their lives in liberty we create a more peaceful world. I would use the power of the office to oppose federal intrusion, including the possibility of nullifying unconstitutional actions through the appropriate means.

Free Market Sustainability

When government takes your tax money and hands it to corporations to grow the economy, our economy becomes unfair and unsustainable. Growth has to pay for itself in order to be sustainable. The demands on roads, water, energy, schools, and other infrastructure and resources need to be paid for. It should not be Texas taxpayers providing corporate welfare through the Enterprise Fund and other such government schemes. It should be the free market offering the choice to businesses and developers to invest and pay for the impact of growth. Growth should occur when a free market balance between demand and supply makes it sustainable for the economy, the environment, and the population. As Governor I would seek to eliminate policies that favor large corporations over small businesses and bring true free market approaches to the Texas economy.